Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sigh....Why The Internet Is So Great

Some dumb@55 recently joined that Freecycle group I started (just to get rid of some big item of junk last year, I really didn't want to be in charge of it and have been trying to find someone else to take over it), and then posted a request for certain favors I won't mention here for fear of [more] spam.

Since new member posts are moderated, I denied the post, and also dumped the guy from the group. No need to accept people who'll send messages like that to 400 local citizens, who'll then complain to me. He immediately attempted to re-sign up, which I denied.

Then he emailed me and said he was going to sign up under another ID. I replied that was fine as long as that ID respected the group rules, to which he responded "nope," and then began signing me up for all kinds of random online stuff. I know this because I started getting a bunch of "confirm your new account!" emails in my inbox right after this exchange.

I hope he can't do any real damage.


* * * *

A few minutes and a brief Google search later...

I see from an online discussion that the selfsame guy is embroiled in a child custody dispute. What a great dad to have!


argotnaut said...

You should return the favor and publish his contact information. Jerko.

I was a little slow on the uptake yesterday ... "Dumb at 55???"

liz said...

I should, especially considering that this morning he emailed asking things about certain relatives that live in town, commenting on my age, etc.

Instead, we went to the police. Too bad they didn't seem to even understand what an IP address is. "I-pee what-now?"

Nevertheless, at least it's on record.

But if I post his stuff, then I'll be culpable, too!

Plus, he's obviously trying to get a rise out of me, and I'm just not interested in engaging in his dumb-at-55 dance.

What I'd really like to do is find out who his ex-wife is, and forward her the information for the custody case. Internet stalking seems pretty darn pertinent to me!