Saturday, June 09, 2007

Infernal Devices (or Their Drivers Anyway)

Well, I feel I wasted much of my short dissertation time today trying to hook our lovely Handycam (courtesy of Auntie Argot) to my lovely computer.

I just want to upload some of the things we've been recording all this time to, say, YouTube. I feel guilty that people who just had babies this week have already uploaded clips. However, it's not going to be for a while, probably.

We did got the USB cable recently and I thought it would be a simple process. Unfortunately, Windows believes that the Handycam is in fact my PCTV, no matter what I've done to change that. It wouldn't be such a bad thing except that the Sony USB streaming tool must have different settings than the PCTV, because the sound is so slow and warpy in the transfer that we all sound like the Devil. (Even the bluebirds sound like some kind of slow, evil birds.)

I've uninstalled (supposedly) all the PCTV stuff and all the Sony stuff and reinstalled only the Sony, in various permutations. However, even though the install wizard says that it sees a Sony Blah Blah Thingummy, once it's all set up, the sound settings on the streaming tool still insist that the sound is from the PCTV USB Whatchamacallit. (Even after I uninstalled that driver.)

So anyway, no video clips yet. (At least none with sound.) Sorry. It doesn't mean we haven't been making baby films like mad!

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Andrew said...

I switched from PC to Mac partly because my video editing courses use Apple's Final Cut, but also because I was tired of just these kinds of Windows-related frustrations. Man, it is a miserable platform for consumers. I haven't missed Windows one little bit.