Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bits for Thanksgiving Pondering

The thing to drink over the holidays is certainly pea. (There aren't many manufacturers who can lay claim to being the market leader in turkey-flavored beverages.)

And I guess this means the end of my dreams that Catdog could be real. (What could they/it do with a hydrant, anyway?)

I really wish these guys were a rockabilly band. It seems a waste otherwise of a really good rockabilly type name.

I also saw that C-sections in the U.S. hit an all-time high at over 30% of births. I think this will be one of those eras that history looks back on in a head-scratching manner, like we do now with cocaine-laced soft drinks.

Amazingly, people continue to find and comment on my entry regarding the Oxford Round Table or Roundtable, usually stating that they almost got suckered. And speaking of which, doesn't this charitable one look a lot more fun than that other stuffy one, anyway?

And finally, in other news, today I saw that someone had correctly written "with bated breath," instead of what people usually write.

If you don't already know, think nightcrawlers, or maybe cheese and mousetraps.


argotnaut said...

I can't believe the catdog thing actually made the "news."

Liddy said...

Ha! Hell Toupee... I remember coming up with that name for my ex's band and feeling so smart until I googled it and saw that web page. I'm probably the ONLY person who's seen it twice...