Thursday, June 08, 2006

Google Spreadsheet

From June 8: bloggerdown day.


What the heck is going on with Blogger today?!

In more interesting news, this morning I signed up and got me one-a them fantsee new Google Spreadsheets. I have been vaguely wanting a multi-user spreadsheet for a long time now, but this comes at an especially convenient time. I am hoping to have one or more undergrad assistants help me with this coding of my surveys, and if they can enter data online, that would be fantastic. (Of course I would have backups in case someone spectacularly messes something up.)

We have discovered that the one game we can play with the baby pre-birth is inherited from its father, with whom I can play No Sleepy Limey, with apologies to Juice. (Though really, I try not to be so cruel as to do this unless he's actually trying not to fall asleep.)

We have determined that the current baby game is No Sleepy LimeyBaby. The entire game consists of rolling over to my other side when I'm in bed, which basically turns the "room" upside down for the poor critter, so that s/he wakes up and jumps and bumps for a little while.

This is coincidentally the baby's only pre-birth game to play with me, called Kick the Mummy, apparently a precursor to football.

Kinda like now when I'm sitting here at the desk. Owtch, Baby!


argotnaut said...

I got it too, although I'm now totally convinced that Google is an arm of the government.

argotnaut said...

And I would be really cranky if someone turned the room upside down every time I tried to sleep!

liz said...

Think of it more as an amusement. In zero-G. Would you be cranky about it if your only stimulation in life was ever vague noises and movements?

Anshu Sharma said...

Google Spreadsheets is simpler, easier-to-use and provides a collaborative experience. This is a disruptive innovation and will change how we use day-to-day applications.

liz said...

Well, of course they'll charge for it eventually...hence the "beta" status.

I can't vouch for the average Jolene Schmolene who is unable to master the finer points of Excel and would rather use something less functional. In fact, that's probably the most common scenario.

But the only way to avert this kind of disruption is to make people in general more technically interested and savvy. (And good luck with that.)

However, I'm not interested in replacing my Excel usage. In fact, I'm not using this in lieu of Excel at all, but as an adjunct to SPSS. I just want to be able to share my data online with one or more other people without sending giant massive email attachments every day.

I have completely different uses for Excel, which to me is a mid-level application.

But then I'm one of those who use Fractal Painter for one type of graphics operation, Paint for another, Photo Studio for yet another, forth.

I guess I don't believe in the All-Purpose Application.

argotnaut said...

"if your only stimulation in life was ever vague noises and movements"

Right now it is, whilst studying for finals...

Juice said...

No apologies necessary.